Dr. Slezsák István

Dr. Slezsák István graduated in electrical engineering from BME. As scientific researcher for BME Department of General and Analytical Chemistry his area of research included bioanalytics. He also worked for ELTE Department of Comparative Physiology on bioengineering, measurement of physiological parameters, psychophysical measurement techniques. For the ELTE Department of Ethology he worked on telemetry of physiological parameters.

His industrial experiences include constructing medical devices (e.g. bicycle ergometer) for Medicor Művek. At Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. he gained experience as a top manager with tenders and also managing self-funded projects. He is the developer of the ISAX (Integrated System for Ambulatory Cardio-respiratory data acquisition and Spectral analysis) device.

Kiss Balázs Péter

Kiss Balázs Péter graduated in electrical engineering from BME Department of Electronics Technology. His main areas of research and development are hardware design for embedded systems and bioengineering.

Kiss Dóra

Kiss Dóra is an electrical engineer, who graduated from BME Department of Automation and Applied Informatics. Her main area of expertise is in industrial process control.