In-house development

Mobile ECG monitor

Small ECG device measuring the Einthoven I-Lead using dry electrodes. The device can be built as key fobs or integrated into phone cases. Using a smartphone application connected over Bluetooth, the measurements can be evaluated or send to a doctor for further evaluation.

High power LED light

LED lights using a special passive cooling technique, suitable for indoors or outdoors usage. Extremely efficient light sources with optional remote control capabilities to match a wide range of needs. Optionally, they can be made to emit a light spectrum optimal for photosynthesis for accelerated plant growth.

Soft laser stimulator

Soft laser stimulator developed for accelerating the natural healing processes of wounds, surgical wounds, dental surgeries or nerve damage.

ECB dosimeter

Single point dosimeter device with sensor and integrated display, for electron and gamma radiation metering. Usable range: 1kGy-300kGy. Suitable for characterization and certification of radiation sources. Standard 2ml or 0.8ml ampoule. ASTM standard.

Sunna film dosimeter

Dosimeter film and reader using the OSL technology. Suitable for single point measurements in the 0.4-100kGy dose range. The technology is ASTM standard, R&D 100 award winner.

ECG Holter

One of the smallest, if not the smallest holter ECG monitor device capable of continuous recording of 24/48h measurements. Data is stored on an SD card and can be evaluated by a doctor or a PC program. During measurement the patient can place markers on the signal to indicate points of interest.

Electrochemical detector

Cell with a volume of 100 nl, for oxidation and reduction in the same space. To be used as the detector for HPLC, or flowing solution analyzers.

Other projects

Kayak-canoe ergometer

Dry paddle apd that monitors the performance of athletes, with direct feedback of various parameters (like speed, distance, etc.). The device records these parameters and can recommend changes in training plans based on the trends of the measured performance. Using internet connection, the device is also able to be used for long distance competitive kayaking as well.

ECG chest strap for athletes

Chest strap with one leaded ECG, that measures and evaluates heart activity during training, made possible with dry electrodes are made with a special coating developed in-house. The measurement is evaluated in real time, using a mobile phone connected over Bluetooth, which can then recommend changes in the training plan.

Artificial RGB ice cube

Decorative artificial ice cube activated by a radio signal to make cocktails, drinks with a unique appearance.